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Anxiety Is Not A Lifestyle

Anxiety. We all know how stress feels and we know that it can come to us in many different ways and forms. A deadline for a project at work, a sick child, traffic on the way home, our monthly bills... the list is long and extensive. It doesn't have to be singular event either, it can come to us in waves.

Our Reaction. When stress enters our life we know how it feels. Our reaction however, when looked at closely is often surprising. When we break our leg, break out in a rash, or get sick; we seek out a doctor. A doctor sets our leg, gives us something for our rash and some medicine to make us feel better. When we are physically broken we rely on the medical profession to show us how to heal and to help us heal. If we are feeling broken mentally or emotionally, we often internalize the stress and do not seek help. We often find ourselves seeking encouragement through friends or phrases like 'this too shall pass.' Maybe it is time we start to recognize that love and support are always great to have, but a professional counselor can give us the tools to deal with stress and that they are the professionals trained to heal us.

Silence. Our silence regarding our stress or refusal to seek professional help takes its toll in a variety of ways. Gradually, our body adjusts to the new normal and our health starts to decline. It could be through stress eating which leads to weight gain, poor posture from literally feeling down, or in any one of a number ways where stress literally impacts our physical self. Also, silence often leads to depression or isolation and changes in our relationships. Silence as many know often leads to a new and unfortunate lifestyle.

A Better Way. Just as we see an optometrist for our sight, a podiatrist for our feet, or dentist for our teeth, a counselor will help our mental and emotional state. A trusted counselor can help reduce the anxiety and stress of not only our everyday life but those moments in our past that have stuck with us and help us prepare for the unknowns we will face.


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