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What is Your Parenting Style?

The kids argue or misbehave or deserve praise and adulation for their achievements. How do you react to each scenario? How does your co-parent? Your reactions, actions, and what stresses you regarding parenting all combine to form you parenting style.

Why is identifying your parenting style important?

Each child is different

No two parents will have the same relationship with their child.  On top of that, the parent/child relationship will be different for each child.  This may unintentionally show up as favoring one child over the other.  Help parents understand their particular parenting style with each child

Have you ever wanted to know what your style of parenting is?


Part of the answer lies in asking: "What is happening with your children that is causing you stress?" It is not uncommon for each parent to have lists that are somewhat different. Some stressors may include:

*Children spending too much time with phone, television, or computer

*Parent's having different styles of discipline

*Children failing to do schoolwork

*Children not completing chores

*Children not listening to parent

Child Behavioral Issues

Identifying stressors is an important part of your parenting style. Another component in the parenting style profile is looking at Child Behavioral Issues. Some behavioral concerns a parent may have with a child include:

*Attention seeking

*Eating problems

*Odd or unusual behavior

*Won't cooperate

*Anxious / fearful

*Few or no friends

The Five Parenting Styles

There are five parenting styles

*Balanced style: Healthy level of parenting

*Permissive style: Very connected and very flexible parenting

*Overbearing style: Very connected and inflexible parenting

*Strict style: Disconnected and inflexible parenting

*Uninvolved style: Disconnected and very flexible parenting

If you want to identify your parenting style and contact us.


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