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Employee Counseling Programs:

Compete for Talent &

Help Your Employees

Small and medium sized businesses must find ways to retain and attract employees.  Large companies offer many benefits including Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that are smaller companies cannot afford.

We offer businesses an alternative to expensive EAP programs.  Our tailored counseling programs assist employees in resolving personal problems and are specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses.

Let us help you 'win the war for talent' by giving you an affordable benefit that will help you attract and retain the best talent.

Candidate Testing:

Improve Your Hiring Process

You want to hire to the best talent but you struggle on how to assess each candidate. 

Your current process involves:

  • You review a resume or use a screening program

  • Invite a candidate in for a couple of interviews that last maybe 3 hours total

  • Decide on hiring an individual

Improve your process by adding:

  • A customized assessment candidates can take to ensure you hire the person who is the best fit for the job.

We'll design a candidate assessment  you can use in the hiring process.​

Quality and Compliance Audits

Ensure that clients receive the highest standards of counseling and that your counseling practice is compliant.

Business Workshops

Customized seminars on many topics ranging from improving culture to better customer service.

Topics include:

  • 5 Steps to A Better Culture

  • Overcoming Grief

  • Moments of Anxiety & How to Cope

  • Work & Life Balance

  • Path to Diversity in the Workplace

        ….And many more

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