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Sound Bed

Experience Pure Sonic Bliss

Brugmansia Counseling Group PLLC works with clients to help increase awareness of the connection between the mind and the body. There are many ways in which our practice deepens the mind-body connection, soothing the central nervous system, and shifting into helpful, enlightening, altered states of consciousness. One new and innovative way is through vibroacoustic therapy via the Opus SoundBed.

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Immersive Sound and Vibration
for Emotional Fitness

Vibroacoustic therapy is a holistic, noninvasive technique that uses music/sound waves and vibrations to lower stress, increase relaxation, and improve pain management in those with acute and chronic pain.

The Opus Soundbed provides an immersive sound and vibration experience that can help shift your body into a calm, relaxed, and meditative space. Combining moving music with five-zones of whole-body vibration, the Opus Soundbed experience can help transport you into a more regulated state.

Together, we may create a treatment plan that can include using the SoundBed at the end of sessions to re-regulate our nervous system before leaving the office and continuing the day, or longer treatments to help address expanding our capacity to shift into and stay longer in more regulated, calm, nervous system states.

This type of intervention is not appropriate for individuals with a pacemaker, hypotension (low blood pressure), or deep vein thrombosis.

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